Closed trainings

PARAGRAPH GROUP closed trainings are the interdisciplinary internal trainings designed to client's order, tailored to their individual needs.

What distinguishes PARAGRAPH GROUP closed trainings on the market?


We create the closed trainings of PARAGRAPH GROUP according to individual needs, at a place and time convenient for the client. While designing the particular training, we agree on the thematic scope, the issues raised and the way it is conducted.


The PARAGRAPH GROUP trainings are interdisciplinary - during each one we analyze the problem from many perspectives using knowledge and experience of representatives of various fields. This approach develops the skill of critical thinking, and motivates participants to search for the best solutions that are tailored to the highest market standards.


The PARAGRAPH GROUP trainings are conducted by the best specialists on the market who we choose from outstanding representatives of the world of science and business. Thanks to the practical use of the best knowledge and experience, we inspire our clients to make optimal business decisions, and thus contribute to building their competitive advantage on the market.


Specialists cooperating with PARAGRAPH GROUP - in accordance with the signed clause of confidentiality - are obliged to keep confidential all information obtained during the training. Such practice allows for building the atmosphere of trust, which favors the development of innovative solutions without the risk of disclosing data outside enterprises.

Examples of thematic areas of closed trainings carried out by PARAGRAPH GROUP:

  • Law:
  • Finances
  • Managements
  • Marketing
  • Production and quality
  • Sales and customer services
  • Human resources
  • Personal development
  • Medicine and healthcare

For detailed information regarding closed trainings, please contact us by phone: +48 720 860 980. You can also contact us via contact form.